2020 Fall Projects

Each student in PHYS 318 will participate in a team project that will involve using LabVIEW to solve a real-world problem.  A summary of each project is described briefly below.  In addition, the address of the SVN repository for the project is provided.

Project Descriptions

  • Wind Tunnel
    Project Mentor: Dr. Manohar Chidurala, WKU Mechanical Engineering
    Team Members: Riley Bishop, Wesley Fisher, Elena Hollingsworth, and Brian MazzoniAs part of a senior design project in Mechanical Engineering, students will develop code for controlling the air flow velocity within a wind tunnel and characterizing the force on an object in the tunnel.

  • Radio Telescope – Encoder 
    Project Mentors: Drs. Steven Gibson and Doug Harper, WKU Physics and Astronomy
    Team Members: Carlos Gomez and Landon Owens
    Students will develop a myRIO application that will read the position of a motor shaft on the WKU Radio Telescope using an IncOder inductive angle encoder.   The incoder uses an SPI interface to communicate with the myRIO.

  • Universal Joint Test Device
    Project Mentor: Joel Lenoir, WKU Mechanical Engineering
    Team Members: Mustafa Almarhun and Emenike Ayalogu Students will design a system that will control and measure a system consisting of a motor and two shaft encoders connected by a universal joint.  The system will be able to measure the angular output shaft speed versus rotation angle of the input for different bend angles of the joint.

  • iOLab Data Logger:
    Project Mentor: Dr. Doug Harper, WKU Physics and Astronomy
    Fahad Bedaiwi and Philip Waymeyer
    Students will complete a LabVIEW Library (.lvlib) that allows one to interface with the sensors on the iOLab Wireless Lab System.  The library will include routines to establish communication between the iOLab hardware and a virtual USB com port, to select and configure sensors, and to acquire data from the device.  A basic graphical user interface will be developed that will demonstrate the capabilities of the library.  Significant work has already been completed on this library and this project is designed to extend the library so that it is a functional system. 

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