Day 13: Using Event Structures

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Today we jump into the NI LabVIEW Core 2 training course.  We will start with the third module called Creating an Event-Driven User Interface.  This module is packed with information starting with introducing a new structure called an Event Structure that allows you to perform specific code when certain user events occur.  It also introduces a few design patterns that use the event structure including the very important dual-loop design pattern called the Producer / Consumer pattern.

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  • Core 2: 3. Creating an Event-Driven User Interface.
Event-Driven Programming

The event structure, described in the above LabVIEW Core 2 video, allows developers to create event-driven programs where the execution order is determined by the user at run-time.  Using the event structure simplifies your block diagram, minimizes CPU usage, and provides a mechanism for handling many user interface events that you do not have access to otherwise.  The following links provide more insight into the event structure itself followed by two design patterns  (the event driven loop and the event dialog) that rely on the event structure.

Day 13 Topics

After some discussion of and practice with the event structure we will work on wrapping up Assignment A03 – Thermostat during today’s class.

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