Day 12: Hardware-Timed DAQ

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Today we continue to study how to use DAQmx to make measurements at precise moments of time.  The DAQmx module Timing and Synchronization Methods focuses on how to set up the sample timing for hardware-timed analog measurements and generations as well as techniques for synchronizing simultaneous analog input and analog output tasks.

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  • DAQmx: 4. Timing and Synchronization Methods
Hardware Timing

Soon we will progress from using software timing (where the sampling rate is restricted to below 1000 Hz) for slowly varying signals to use hardware timing where we can sample at rates up to the limits of capability of the DAQ device.  Today’s video from NI focused on hardware timing and the page below provides an addition look into this topic.

Day 12 Topics

Today we will attempt to bring to bring our understanding of using Action Engines into better focus and will continue our work on Assignment A03 – Thermostat.

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