Day 17: VI Server

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This LabVIEW Core 2 module on Controlling the User Interface discusses how to use Property Nodes and Invoke Nodes to control properties or initiate methods on front panel objects.  Together these nodes make up what is commonly called VI Server in LabVIEW.

Access LabVIEW Core 1 Course  

  • Core 2: 4. Controlling the User Interface

This Measurement Fundamentals module Generating or Reading a Digital Signal goes into detail on the many ways to deal with digital signal types.

Access Using NI-DAQmx Course  

  • MF: 5. Generating or Reading a Digital Signal
VI Server

The VI Server includes property nodes to modify the properties of LabVIEW objects and invoke nodes to invoke methods on LabVIEW objects.

Day 17 Topics

Today we will have a discussion about the CLAD certification exam, discuss the project specification document, and attempt to wrap up the RPN Calculator assignment. 

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