A00 – myDAQ Breadboard

Due:  End of Semester

Each student in the class will be loaned a breadboard that connects to your myDAQ, a jumper wire kit, some resistors, LEDs, and several sensors and actuators.  These will be used throughout the semester for assignments and in-class activities.  Please take care of these items and keep them with your myDAQ.  

The breadboard has been made so that it will fit in the plastic storage tray in your myDAQ box without having to be removed from your myDAQ.  When you do need to separate this breadboard from your myDAQ pull straight outward away from the myDAQ otherwise you may break the myDAQ connector.  The jumper wire kit should fit in the myDAQ box under the myDAQ storage tray in the box.

  • You are asked to return this breadboard and wire kit at the end of the semester and will rewarded with a grade of 50/50 on this assignment when you do so.
  • Unfortunately, this also means that you will receive a grade of 0 if you do not return the materials.
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