2017 Spring Projects

The following is a list of projects that will be performed during the Spring 2017 semester of PHYS 318. The name(s) of a faculty member who will serve as the project sponsor are identified first in square brackets followed by student team members.

  1. SPS Door Lock Upgrades [Dr. Harper, Pierce, Thomas] – The existing door lock system for the WKU SPS Room will be upgraded to allow an authenticated administrator to edit the list of existing users and view an access log file over a WiFi connection to the myRIO.
  2. Mini CVT [Dr. Harper, Reece, Weaver] – Using a myRIO, students will control and measure characteristics of mini Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and learn principles of its operation such as pulse width modulation, speed control, closed-loop control, gear ratios, continuously variable gearing, etc.
  3. Motion Sensitive Camera [Dr. Harper, Grant, McGuffey] – Using a Raspberry Pi students will create a system that will take a series of time-lapsed photos from a small camera for a period of time after motion is detected.
  4. Radio Telescope: Signal Detection [Dr. Gibson, Dr. Harper, Brown, Hicks, Stewart] – Students will use a software defined radio (SDR) and a Raspberry Pi to help acquire and analyze signals from the radio telescope.
  5. Radio Telescope: Motor Positioning System [Dr. Gibson, Dr. Harper, Anderson, S. Harper] – Students will program a Raspberry Pi connected to a motor control board to control the position of a satellite dish used for a radio telescope application. Feedback of the actual motor position will be provided via a voltage divider from a potentiometer.
  6. FTIR Spectrometer [Dr. Cao, Thornberry, Xiang] –
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