Day 14: Configuration Files

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Today we will look at how we can remove configuration details for an application from its code and store these details externally in a file.  The Core 2 module Managing Configuration Settings in Apps provides two options for doing this, first using tab-delimited text files, and then a much better approach using an Initialization (INI) File.

Access LabVIEW Core 2 Course  

  • Core 2: 5. Managing Configuration Settings in Apps
Configuration Files

We will give an overview of what configuration files are and what VIs are available both in regular LabVIEW and in OpenG to work with these files. 

  • Configuration Files
Event Driven State Machine

We will have a discussion of Event Driven State Machine design pattern.

  • Event Driven State Machine
Day 14 Topics

We will finish the current assignment and begin working on the next one.

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