2021 Fall Projects

Each student in PHYS 318 will participate in a team project that will involve using LabVIEW to solve a real-world problem.  A summary of each project is described briefly below.  In addition, the address of the SVN repository for the project is provided.

Project Descriptions

  • Chaotic Pendulum
    Project Mentor: Drs. Doug Harper and Ivan Novikov, WKU Physics and Astronomy
    Team Members: Loai, Aldarawish, Landen Kent, Brent Smith, Lille Shaw

    Students will refactor an existing project that controls and monitors a chaotic pendulum device.  The project should be rewritten to improve ease of use for the operator and to improve the block diagram style.  The present system only shows the pendulum angular position as a function of time on a graph where old data is written over as each new buffer of data is acquired.  As a new feature we would like to accumulate a data buffer of both angular position versus time and also display a phase space plot (angular velocity versus angular position).

  • iOLab Data Logger:
    Project Mentor: Dr. Doug Harper, WKU Physics and Astronomy
    Team Members: Ben Herald, Alex Locke, Jesse Talley
    Students will extend an existing LabVIEW Library (.lvlib) that allows one to interface with the sensors on the iOLab Wireless Lab System.  The library includes routines to establish communication between the iOLab hardware and a virtual USB com port, to select and configure sensors, and to acquire data from the device.  Significant work has already been completed on this library and this project is designed to extend the library so that it is a more complete functional system.  Presently the system will acquire data from the iOLab’s encoder (wheel), accelerometer, and force gauge (but uncalibrated).  This project should add the capability to save data that has been acquired from the iOLab to a file and should add connectivity to additional sensors on the device.

  • Gesture Presenter
    Project Mentors: Dr. Doug Harper, WKU Physics and Astronomy
    Team Members: Chloe Jones, Josh Shields, Joshua Wells
    Students will extend an existing LabVIEW Library that runs on a myRIO and uses an ADPS-9960 gesture sensor to deliver a presentation.  The existing library recognizes LEFT, RIGHT, UP, and DOWN gestures that advance the presentation to the previous, next, first, or last slide respectively.  The presentation is delivered using a LabVIEW web service.  The ADPS will also recognize additional gestures called NEAR and FAR and this project will attempt to use these gestures to present a slide sorter view of the entire presentation.

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