2014 Spring Projects

Spring 2014 Projects
ATVSPS Room AccessFootball HelmetI-V
Project Name: Remote Control of an ATV

Team Members: Eduardo Barcellos, Bryce Aberg
Faculty Contact: Ron Rizzo, Electrical Engineering


Using a myRIO, develop a system that will allow remote control of the start/stop, choke, braking, throttle, and steering of an all-terrain vehicle. The mechanical aspects of this system are already complete. A LabVIEW program on the myRIO will control the actuators on the ATV and receive commands from either a separate User Interface (LabVIEW program) running on a laptop or a User Interface on an iPad that writes to shared variables on the myRIO.

Project Name: SPS Room Access

Team Members: Luke Lim, Jon Lindsey
Faculty Contacts: Dr. Steven Gibson, Dr. Doug Harper


Create a system that will allow students in the Society of Physics Students to gain access to the SPS Room [TCCW 236] by swiping their student ID cards. User information should be able to be entered into a database by an authenticated administrator. The card reader communicates to a computer via a serial communication and a digital output will control a relay that will unlock the door when a valid user swipes his/her card.

Project Name: Acceleration of a Football Helmet

Team Members:  Larkin Heintzman, Richard Pape
Faculty Contact: Dr. Ed Kintzel


Develop a system that will measure and log data from a set of accelerometers located in a simulated head made of gel inside a football helmet subjected to various impacts.  The accelerometers will be Invensense MPU-6500EVB or similar devices which can communicate with the myRIO via a communication protocol called SPI.

Project Title: Automation of a Current-Voltage Characterization System

Team Members: Phillip Butler, Jeffrey Dejarnette
Faculty Contacts: Dr. Sanju Gupta, Dr. Doug Harper


Using a Keithley 2400 Sourcemeter, develop a system that will allow a researcher to perform a current versus voltage characterization of a sample. The sourcemeter communicates to a computer via a GPIB interface.

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