Novikov : Graduate Courses

I am a graduate direction of the Master of Science in Homeland Security Science program. The program leads to the Master of Science degree in Homeland Security Sciences and requires a minimum of 30 semester hours beyond a Bachelor degree. The program's curriculum features a hands-on research component, which enables students to apply their training to real-world problems.

Graduate courses I teach:

PHYS 506: Overview of Homeland Security

Course description: A weekly seminar course available as an in-class group discussion, a real-time webcast, or a downloadable file from the departmental website. The requirements are to attend the seminars scheduled during the semester, to participatein the question/discussion period of the seminars, to present at seminar a 10-15-minuteoral presentation on selected HSS topic

PHYS 560: Introduction to Physics Applications in Homeland Security

Course description: A preparatory course in Homeland Security Science for students with limited physics background. An overview of physics applicable to Homeland Security Sciences. Topics include atomic and nuclear physics, optics and analytical techniques.The purpose of the course is to review and to introduce areas of physics commonly used inhomeland security and defense, to familiarize students withhow these agencies use physics, and to prepare the students for research and job opportunities in these areas

PHYS 570/571: Nuclear / Radiological Detection and Remediation

Course description: An advanced study of the fundamental principles of nuclear physics and their applications for detection and remediation of nuclear and radiological threats. Students perform laboratory experiments in applications of nuclear physics for detection and remediation of nuclear and radiological threats. Students will gain experience in computerized data acquisition and data analysis using modern techniques and equipment

PHYS 598: Graduate Seminar

Course description: Weekly seminar series in current topics in physics. Graduate students will prepare and give an oral presentation of current research in physics. Colloquium schedule is available here

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