Special Events

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday night we will be having a "Science Pub". The Science Pub will be hosted in one of our local establishments, OverTime Sports Bar and Grill, so that people can intereact in an informal environment. We will have a speaker, Tom Hill from the Corvette Plant located here in Bowling Green, will talk on a general "pop science" topic. The Science Pub will start at 6:30pm.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

We will be taking a trip to the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant and Museum to see how Corvettes are made. Travel will be included. The tour is scheduled to leave from the Holiday Inn at 9:30am. We estimate the trip will take around 2 hours. Tickets will be $30. Please make sure you're on time so that we don't have to leave anyone. If you do miss the scheduled time to leave, there will not be a refund. There is a limit of 30 people on this tour, so sign up fast! IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you are going on the Corvette Plant Tour, you will need to have the following: Closed toed shoes (no sandals), no cameras, no cellphones, no children under 7, no backpacks, purses, fanny packs, or other containers may be brought into the plant except by special request (for medical reasons, etc).

Later that night we will be having our banquet. Alan Tennant will be talking on "Neutrons- Emerging science challenges and future prospects". We will be serving a succulent sauteed chicken breast adorned with cream herb de province along with two sides and a dessert. The cost for the dinner will be $40. The banquet will start at 6pm and go till 8pm.

Alan Tennant, Neutrons- Emerging science challenges and future prospects:

Neutrons are a unique and powerful probe that give indispensible insight into the dynamics and structure of materials all the way from the everyday world right down to the atomic scale. Because of their power and scope, the application of neutrons is extending well beyond the traditional domain of condensed matter physics and into pressing problems of future energy technologies, biosciences, and advanced materials design and processing. With the Spallation Neutron Scource and High Flux Isotope Reactor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the United States has two of the most powerful sources worldwide. In this talk I will present how these outstanding capabilities are leading to new discoveries and how the combined challenges of bigger science, synthesis and performance of materials under real world conditions, and complex heirarchical systems are demanding a new level of integration of theory and computation and increasingly sophisticated instrumentation. I will outline the transformative changes in capabilites that this involves, where each instrument in effect becomes a laboratory, and the future propects for neutron sciences.

Alan Tennant, Biosketch:

Alan Tennant is the new Chief Scientist for the Neutron Sciences Directorate, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and started there in November 2013. Previous to this he was at the former Hahn Meitner Institute, Germany which he joined nearly 9 years ago as head of the Magnetism Department and Professor of Physics at TU Berlin. In addition he served as the director of the Berlin Neutron Scattering Center (BENSC) prior to the merger of the former HMI with BESSY. After the foundation of the new Helmholtz Center Berlin, Prof Tennant headed both the Magnetism Division and the User Platform with responsibilities covering the synchrotron xray and neutron facilities. Additionally he directed the Institute for Complex Magnetic Materials, which focused on research into quantum materials and spintronics using a comprehensive suite of photon and neutron capabilities.  Before moving to Berlin he held positions at Oxford University where he was the Keeley-Rutherford research fellow at Wadham College and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, and a faculty member at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland where he taught condensed matter physics. In addition, he worked two years at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in a post-doctoral condensed matter physics position from 1996 to 1998.  While there, he received the ORNL Technical Achievement Award in 1997.

Prof. Tennant was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and graduated in Physics at Edinburgh University before studying for his PhD with Roger Cowley at Oxford University. His awards include being the recipient of the EuroPhysics Prize, Condensed Matter, 2012, and his research was recognized as one of Science magazine’s top 10 breakthroughs, 2009. He has served on many panels and advisory boards including being the Speaker for In-House Research of the Photons Neutrons Ions (PNI) Programme of the Helmholtz Association for the last 6 years. During his tenure in Berlin he played a leading role in the upgrade of the neutron facilities there as well as heading the High Field Magnet project since 2007 due to come on-line in 2014 which will provide the highest continuous fields for neutron sciences worldwide. More recently he led an international consortium of partners to the award of a Helmholtz Virtual Institute on quantum and topological states which runs until 2017.

Friday, November 22, 2013

On Friday, we will be having our poster session at the Sloan Convention Center, conveniently attached to the Holiday Inn. The Poster Session will start at 6pm and end at 9pm. At the same time, we will be having a Graduate Recruitment Fair.

We will also be taking a trip to Makers Mark Distillery located in Loretta, KY. We will be touring the grounds, seeing how the whisky is made, and dipping our own bottles in the famous Makers Mark red wax seal. We will be leaving the Holiday Inn at 8:30am. We estimate the trip will take no more than 5 hours. Tickets will be $45. Make sure you eat breakfast before since it will be a longer trip. And please make sure you're on time so that we don't have to leave anyone. If you do miss the scheduled time to leave, there will not be a refund. There is a limit of 25 people on this tour, so sign up fast!

We will be provinding a shuttle for attendees to visit Western Kentucky University's Nondestructive Analysis Center (NOVA Center). There will be two shuttle times. The first shuttle will leave the Holiday Inn at 1pm. The second shuttle will leave at 5pm. We estimate these trips to be around an hour. To learn more about the NOVA Center, click here.